Our repair department can do most repairs within 2 weeks. Please contact us concerning your repair for more information.

Repair & Service

If the baggage handlers broke it, we can help.

It's probably one of the hardest parts of travel... knowing how your luggage will arrive on the other side! Sharon Luggage's Repair & Service Department is here to help!

Below are answers to our most frequent questions about repairs. Feel free to contact us via our contact form or by phone at 704-522-0155 if you have more questions.

Are you an "Authorized Service Center"?

We are an authorized repair and service center for many brands, but what does being an authorized repair and service center mean?

It means we repair items to specifications determined by the manufacturer and use authorized parts provided by them. It allows you to feel comfortable in the knowledge that your bag was repaired just the same as if you'd sent it to the manufacturer! We are an authorized repair & service center for the following brands:

  • Tumi
  • Victorinox
  • Briggs & Riley
  • Travelpro
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What if you're not an authorized repair center for my luggage brand?

We can still help! If your brand is not one we maintain an affiliation with, we may use generic parts that are high quality and we're willing to stand behind. Please note that some warranties disallow service by non-authorized repair centers. If that's the case, we'll put you in touch with an authorized repair center. 

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What brands won't you fix?

While we're proud to be an authorized Eagle Creek seller, we do not repair their luggage. Their warranty is fantastic and covers workmanship, materials, airline damage, and many other non-cosmetic aspects of the bag. However their warranty only covers repairs made at their authorized repair centers, of which there are only five in the North America. We don't want to void that great warranty, so we recommend you contact Eagle Creek directly

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Where do I take my bag? 

You can take your bag to either of our Charlotte Area stores. Any of our staff will be happy in helping you with our repair services. For fastest turn-around, we do recommend our store at Arrowridge Blvd as it is the location of repair center. 

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Can I talk directly to the person repairing my bag?

We're sure that our repair department would love to speak with each and every one of our customers, but we keep them pretty busy. They are also in the repair center outside of normal business hours, that way your repair quickly for pickup! Our floor staff is very able to assist you with questions concerning your repair. 

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Can I mail in my bag?

Yes! We're happy to help with repairs for customers that are not local to our repair center. Please send your repair to the following address:

Sharon Luggage
8000 Arrowridge Blvd
Charlotte NC 28273

Please include the following:

  • Your Name
  • An address you can receive packages at
  • Your phone number with area code
  • Your email address
  • A description of repairs needed. If providing directions (such as left or right), please assume we will be viewing the bag from the "lid" of the bag, which usually features the brand logo.
  • If possible, mark areas we need to pay special attention to with masking tape. If you plan to highlight stitching or tears in this manner, put them near the area, not directly on the area. 
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How much does it cost to get my bag looked at?

Just need an estimate? We're happy to provide an estimate at absolutely no charge. 

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How much does it cost to get my bag repaired?

We're happy to let you know prices of repairs over the phone, but please note that our prices are subject to change. At this time, our most common repairs and their costs are:

  • Wheels - $25 each
  • Zipper Tabs or Slides - $15 each
  • Stitching - $10 per inch
  • Pull Up Handles - $55 each

Repair costs can vary as we will need to inspect your bag for damage that might not be seen from the outside. What appears to be a broken wheel may actually be a cracked frame. Our store staff are happy to discuss repairs with you. If we are an authorized repair center for your luggage brand, your repair may be covered by your warranty!

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My bag has a "Lifetime Warranty." What does that mean?

Each luggage brand has their own warranties. Some brands will have one warranty that covers all their products, while others will have warranties that cover specific collections.

  • A lifetime warranty is the lifetime of the bag, not your own. 
  • A bag's lifetime may be cut short by abuse, neglect, or damaged suffered at the hands of baggage handlers.
  • A lifetime warranty may only cover material defects or workmanship issues. This means things that are considered "wear and tear" are not covered. 
  • Your luggage may or not cover "common carrier damage." Common carriers are airlines, railroads, buslines, or taxi services. Basically, when your bag is in the hands of someone else during transportation. 
  • Your bag may have specific clauses that limit your warranty if you use it professionally, such as if you're a member of flight crew.
If you're unsure what your warranty covers, we recommend contacting us or visiting the manufacturer's website. 
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How much is shipping? Is shipping covered by my warranty?

We currently charge $25 per direction for shipping and handling of all repairs. You may also provide us with pre-paid return labels, if you prefer. For most manufacturers, shipping is specifically excluded by your warranty and will not be covered. 

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What if I didn't buy it at Sharon Luggage?

Well, we'll try not to hold that against you and we're happy to assist with your repair. We hope you'll love our service and remember us next time you're shopping for luggage & travel accessories. 

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Do I need my receipt?

Receipts can be very helpful in determining if your bag is under warranty and may provide us with needed information, such as model numbers and collection versions. 

You never need a receipt for:

  • Briggs & Riley
You will need a receipt for:
  • Travelpro
You may need a receipt for:
  • Victorinox
  • Tumi

What else do I need to know about?

  • Bags should be completely empty when brought in for repair. We know you're in a hurry, but we cannot repair bags that contain personal items.
  • We are not responsible for items left in or on your bag. This includes locks, straps, tags, identifies, ribbons, laptop or table cases, etc. 
  • We are not responsible for voiding of warranty if we are not an authorized repair center for your luggage brand. 
  • You must pick up your bag within 90 days of first attempted notification of repair completion. After 90 days, your item will be donated or destroyed. 

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